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New technologies and business models disrupt businesses and everyday life worldwide. Qualified lawyers will assist companies with identifying legal risks and understanding the legal boundaries their technologies and models must operate within.

Our lawyers assist clients around the globe with the particular challenges of navigating the current climate of intensified regulation and enforcement. We are experienced in handling the most complicated matters involving AML and other international anti-corruption laws. We create and implement compliance programs, and conduct internal investigations, assessments and due diligence on potential merger and acquisition targets, joint venture partners and third parties. We also counsel clients on compliance issues that arise from international licensing, sales and marketing and are well-versed in laws that relate to dealing with government officials and authorities around the world.

Regulatory frameworks are constantly evolving across sectors and around the world. As transparency rises in importance and the costs of non-compliance with laws and regulations increase, businesses everywhere strive to adapt to the growing pressure from regulatory bodies.

With our extensive knowledge of local regulations and our multijurisdictional capabilities, we are well-positioned to help clients around the world deal effectively and creatively with regulatory and compliance issues. As business has globalized and cross-border transactions have become more complex, the ability to provide appropriate counsel across jurisdictions becomes all the more important.

Our clients come to us to understand their responsibilities, manage risk and lessen the impact of complex regulatory regimes on their transactions or day-to-day operations. Our strong relationships with members of oversight agencies give us the basis to counsel clients with a current and fully informed perspective. We commit our global resources to helping them meet regulatory requirements and keep their businesses running smoothly, no matter where they are based.

We have extensive experience in banking and financial services where we advise on all aspects of regulatory compliance and contentious issues involving the banking, capital markets and investment fund sectors. Our objective is to create sophisticated strategies that safeguard our clients’ assets and reputations and enable them to concentrate on pursuing their business objectives with confidence, which is helped by the substantive involvement we have had in the development and implementation of current US, UK and EU legislation and related guidance.



A graduate from Harvard Law School, Paris 2 Assas, Saint-Joseph University of Beirut, École Supérieure des Affaires, Adib Tohme is an international tax, and corporate lawyer in Beirut, Dubai and New York and an economist whose researches focus on countries financial and economic crisis. He is a professor and lecturer of law and economy in Lebanon, Paris and New York and a writer of several economic and law books as well as novels. He lives between Dubai, Beirut, Paris and New York and share his time between his work as consultant for several multinationals, lawyer and as a writer.  


Fouad specializes in human rights, international humanitarian law, international criminal law, start-ups, and transactions.
Prior to joining the firm in 2015, Fouad worked with NGOs in education, women, and children's rights in Bolivia, Lebanon, and the United States. He is fluent in Arabic, French, English, and Spanish.
In addition to his law and political science degrees, he undertook rigorous training in International Criminal Law and International Humanitarian Law in The Hague, Netherlands.


  • BA in Political Science, American University in Washington, D.C and American University of Beirut, Beirut Lebanon

  • LL.B. Université La Sagesse, Beirut, Lebanon

  • LL.M. Cornell Law School, Ithaca, New York


  • Beirut Bar Association

  • New York State Bar Association

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